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Boost Clinics is committed to individualized expertise in medical aesthetic procedures for clients as well as the advanced coaching and training for cosmetic health care practitioners.

Christine Wickson

Mn-Fnp, Bc Director And Owner Of Boost Clinics

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Reflecting on the Heroic Hearts

The year 2020 has been unforgettable. Recognizing the pivotal role of health care workers during the pandemic has moved me in a surreal way, quite proud and humbled to be part of the medical community.  With so many first-hand stories of incredible experiences this past year, I have wanted to stop and pause, reflecting on them carefully. There are countless examples of heroes who have gone beyond the call of duty to help their community this year.  Millions of people

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What does being a great BOSS mean?

This year, there is a lot of talk about being a BOSS in the entrepreneurial world, as an acronym of how incredibly fiercely independent, strong and capable we are. 🤔💪 I believe the acronym of BOSS in business means someone who can Scatter Joy and meaning to others.  B.O.S.S. Beyond. Own. Self. Service.   It has really nothing to do with how awesome you or others think of you. It has a lot to do with what you spread in your

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Keeping your Team Safe

As a medical director, there are many roles and responsibilities I have. One is to keep my team and clients safe. And it goes far beyond the mask and sanitizing. During the challenging times of COVID, one essential role we have is finding straightforward ways to purposefully and intentionally keep every client safe. Beyond that, it is also vital to keep every nurse practitioner team member safe.  It reminds me a little of being a mother. If I was asked the

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