3 Ways to Avoid Burning Bridges

As our aesthetic businesses change and grow, we can grow away from or not need the same people, supports or resources as we did when we started. 

Change is a good thing! 

If you are ready to branch out, expand and move on from relationships and collaborations worthwhile to you for a time in your business, it is ok.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard to do!  

It is so important to recognize that we still need each other in our work and there just is simply no room for shaming or backstabbing someone who is making the right decision for themselves. 

Things seem overly sensitive right now due to COVID, and undoubtedly that heightens our reactions and worries. To avoid burning bridges when you need to change a current service, relationship or partnership, I rely on these three tips to maximize compassion and minimize hurt for those hard conversations. 

Always be Kind

Remember, above all else, we humans are meant to be kind and humanitarian. It goes a long way to establishing trust. Consistent Kindness will help reflective responses recognize your motivation and intent not to hurt others or intentionally screw up the situation for another. However, that being said, you don’t owe anyone an explanation or response that you believe is right for you. Here are my three tips on ways to avoid burning bridges in Aesthetics.

Know your Why

Whenever I make a decision, I try to intentionally ask myself why that decision is the right one for me. This is key to being able to explain my reasons for a decision to others. Next, focus on the support and opportunity that brought you to that decision. If someone has helped you get to where you are today, acknowledge that learning and focus on the value and impact it has had on your professional journey. 

Create Boundaries

Sometimes the challenging change or decision gets prolonged and drawn out unnecessarily. Overprocessing a decision you have made repeatedly to others or the stakeholders involved is exhausting for everyone. It also leads to frustration and resentment, so the ability to continue being kind can become challenging. It also makes your boundaries look grey. Continual processing and analyzing imply you are not sure of your decision and leads others to challenge you if you are certain about your why. Establishing clear boundaries will help everyone move forward and ease the pain of the transition, minimizing the possibility of burning bridges. 

Relationships can be very resilient and forgiving. If you are being led to a new decision, destination or direction, focus on your needs first. Follow that up with kindness, clarity and boundaries to move through it with confidence and respect. 

I want to build bridges

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You can do you and still avoid burning bridgesAvoid burning bridges with these 3 tips to guide you!

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