Aesthetic Business Tips 101

So you have flipped your nursing talents, skills and experience and jumped into the world of aesthetics. Congratulations! 

You have taken the courses and are getting lots of practice in the world of injectables. You rock! 

And I mean that so sincerely. 

Just because you have received the certification to become an aesthetic provider does not mean you are qualified to begin your business. Instead, it’s a stepping stone to beginning a pathway to a career that can be successful if you are attending to the real business talk in this industry. 

If you have been fed up with the hospital and health care situation, particularly after the COVID pandemic, you are not alone. If you are looking for a career change, a nurse practitioner has a potential option in the world of aesthetics, and it is bumping! Medical aesthetics is rapidly growing and expanding and there are many appealing elements to it. 

The problem is many of us considered this a great pathway to try but were caught off guard by all the business details involved in starting an aesthetic business. It is so important to know why you want it rather than just the “fresh appeal”. The aesthetic business world looks pretty glamorous and freeing, but it can create a deceiving picture in terms of how easy it looks.

I know I had no idea how difficult a journey it would actually be when I began! 

Being an aesthetic provider is a lot more than clinical skills, although don’t get me wrong, those skills are needed! 

The main question to be answered is WHY you are here on this aesthetic journey? Are you excited about the life you could have? There is a lot of work and knowledge needed to become a successful aesthetic service provider. 

The aesthetic industry is growing so quickly and there are vast opportunities to build a successful business. But it starts with a clear plan. Any successful business begins with a strategy to figure out what is needed, and who wants what you offer.

It can be daunting. 

What is it about the work and industry that appeals and inspires you to want in? 

Who is your ideal customer? What is their definition of beauty?

Who do you want to serve?

How do you grow client relationships?

How will you market to them? 

Becoming an aesthetic provider is a viable option for a nurse practitioner. Still, it doesn’t mean you are ready to sculpt a face with botox and filler because you have clinical nursing training. It requires trust for a client to feel comfortable with anyone touching their face with a needle. 

It takes time to build that.

So it is natural that it will take time and possibly some debt incurred before you build a successful practice. You will need to invest in ongoing personal training, business and marketing knowledge and finetune your clinical skills to keep up with the ever-changing and rapidly growing aesthetic profession. 

This is not a bad news blog. The medical aesthetics industry is a fabulous option for hardworking and value-driven practitioners. Finding a medical director to support you, a team that builds you up and growing a client community that trusts you is the first step to a meaningful business in aesthetics.

Are you still curious about starting a business in medical aesthetics? Reach out. I would love to chat. 

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So you have jumped into the world of aesthetics.
So do You know how to grow a business?

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