Aesthetic Business Tips 201

If you know the answer to your WHY, you are well underway to growing your business. When you look at a successful aesthetic business you may be enthralled and excited for the freedom and balance they seem to have. 

They have an engaging Instagram presence

They look confident and put together

They seem to have a perfect home/life/work balance

The truth is that it is not always that way, for anyone. 

To grow a successful aesthetic business requires so much work and commitment! 

You must be willing to invest in your business with time and resources.

This means:

Working long hours 

Making sacrifices with family and friends

Intentionally building trust and authenticity with clients, your team and your MD

Willing to continually participate in business and aesthetic training

Invest in a marketing strategy that includes branding, social media and website development

The fact that you know how to landmark an injectable, can scope out great products or understand anatomy is not enough to be successful in business. 

If you are willing to go beyond the clinical practice and training, and really become authentic and a trusted professional, I guarantee you will see your business grow. 

Stay true to your relationships and let your values guide every decision you make. It can be scary to jump into a business, and then take the risks needed to build it. But the most important message I say to my nurses regarding fear is this: 

You are not alone. 

Every aesthetic provider has struggled with the fear of failure and overwhelm that is part of the true unknown about this industry. 

Remember to create a strong and realistic understanding of what you are getting yourself into. The Successful Medical Aesthetics businesses you know are part of a community of good people who work hard.

The principles are basic but powerfully important! 

Good People (Practitioners) look like this: 

  • They are true to their values 
  • They aspire to be collaborators, not competitors 
  • They are kind and build trusting relationships 
  • They are authentic and genuine
  • They practice citizenship, gratitude and positivity

Working hard looks like this:

  • Creating a marketing strategy to build a community on social media
  • Investing in people to build your business so you can focus on what you do best
  • Creating a branding identity that is consistent, unique and clear
  • Continually learning and training for personal and professional development
  • Networking and Mentoring others 

If you believe you are a good person with a hardworking commitment, you are set up for a successful aesthetic business. I love working with like-minded practitioners who understand their why and are ready to move their business forward. 

Help me build my business!

If you know your WHY you are well underway to grow your aesthetic business.It requires so much work and commitment but it is worth it!


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