Booking Hot Dates with your Business

There is nothing more captivating than hearing about or, better yet, experiencing a Hot Date. We want to hear or share all the juicy details! That particular investment of quality time that is intended to bond more, get to know each other better, or celebrate a relationship so far is a dream we have all experienced or desired. 

The idea evokes curiosity, suspense, joy and sometimes even love. 

Why we wait to “get” a hot date is a mystery. In a world full of people needing love, this message is simple. 

Book Hot dates with yourself.  

It’s such a simple idea, but often we struggle through guilt or desperation before we do it. Booking special time for and with oneself is not only for your self-care. It might include those healthy actions of wellness like exercise, downtime and other soul-filling activities. 

But have you ever thought about booking a hot date for your business? Do you invest special quality time to get to know it better, spark some joy and deepen the relationship?  

Date your Business!

Give it your time, your attention in predictable blocks of time. Any thriving entity requires your active participation and your business is no different. Book that hot date physically in your calendar and keep that date with yourself. 

Booking time in your schedule to review your business plan, goals, and dreams is just as important as a life partner. Hot Dates with your business allow you to find out where your business is and where you want to go. 

You are the driver of your bus in your business.
You are the captain of the ship in your business. 
Steer it ahead.

Schedule in and make time to move your business love forward with these critical hot dates. 

Make hot dates with yourself.

Independently and proactively, check your rescue kit. Your rescue kit includes expiry dates on all components of your product, including the hyaluronidase. It could also ensure that the critical enzyme is within the expiry date and has good clarity and consistency. Checking on this could be significant for client care in urgent occlusion situations and ensure you have quality tools for managing filler gone rogue and lumps and bumps. Proactively checking in rather than stumbling on it after it is too late demonstrates you care about your business, your professional presence and your clients.

Book hot dates with your medical director.

That can look like ensuring you’ve got your medical director booked for that new client consult or that client follow up. It also means booking hot dates with your medical director to keep a positive and productive relationship going. It can take place as a monthly zoom or phone check-in. Hot dates keep relationships on track and growing. Hot dates address minor problems, so they don’t become a tsunami of issues. Both parties care about the health and happiness of each other. There is reciprocity and mutuality that exists in this business relationship. When you take the time to attend to the relationship with “hot date quality” check-ins, you and your business thrive.

Have your clients book hot dates with you for follow up.

In my practice, I have found clients who are very happy and satisfied with their treatments are less likely to return for their two week follow up. Encourage them to that hot date even if they don’t think they need it. The two week follow up is so essential for many reasons. It allows you to celebrate and ensure your client’s satisfaction with their outcome and opens the door to determine a next visit. I want clients to book a hot date with me two weeks after any intervention to assess my work. And I tell them that! Clients appreciate being able to allow me to evaluate my skills and outcomes. It is a win-win because it nourishes my growth to become a better injector and my injector-client relationship. We don’t want only to have hot dates for the unhappy times.

Just imagine a really HOT date you have had.

If we all treated our business with the investment and specific attention as if we were going on a Hot Date, I suspect it would lead to a renewed passion and commitment. When is your next Hot Date? 

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