Comparing to Others Part 1

Is the Grass Greener on the other side of medical Directors?

Often it isn’t easy to understand the motives of another human being. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to understand my motives and why they lead me to my decisions. So it is understandable that it may be challenging to understand the reasons of a client, a nurse, a colleague, a neighbour.  

Why did that nurse leave to go to another medical Director? 

Why did the client come to me for injections? 

Why did my friend purchase skincare from someone else when they could’ve got it for me? 

Why does one nurse practitioner offer one set of prices for being a medical director?

Have you ever thought about how much energy that takes to figure out the truth or the reason why someone makes the decisions they do? Is there a way to get to the bottom of someone’s reality regarding their motives? 

Even if you think you get to the bottom of it, it’s incredible how the motives change to another so quickly. It is like nailing jello to the wall.

  • Impossible. 
  • Elusive.
  • Maddening. 
  • Messy.

Instead of understanding the motives of another, I offer this suggestion. 

What would happen if you rerouted that energy from wondering about the “why” to acting on the what? The “what” here is someone who needed something from someone for some reason, and it was available as an option. 

One of my favourite taglines from @bebeauty.wellness gives a great solution to this problem. 

If we take her advice; 

We show up and choose to just “be.” 

We show up and demonstrate you can just “do” you.

That means do you in all the things; what you offer, what you have, what you like. 

The world needs you to show up with the services you offer, not to mould, bend and morph into what someone else offers. Be yourself in your business, take care of yourself in and with your business. Let people choose you for whatever reason they choose you. If you spend your energy trying to be someone else or being paralyzed by analyzing why they are choosing someone else, you will be exhausted. 

You will be distracting from the energy you could use to be just you. 

What does that look like in practice?

  • You want to offer consultation for a per consult fee, and your NP friend wants to do a monthly rate? Have at ‘er. Offer that referral when a nurse comes to you looking for consulting at a monthly rate. Support one another.
  • You don’t want to offer a beginner Botox course, but so many people tell you you should do it? Don’t have at ‘er. Refer to your colleague who does offer that course. Support one another.

You don’t have to offer everything to everyone, and the truth is, it’s impossible to do so anyway. 

Solve what you can, refer to your colleagues in practice those things you can’t offer or service. Enjoy the process. Support one another. It all comes around.  

Let’s Chat Comparing!

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Is the Medical Directors grass greener on the other side? Enjoy the Process. Support one Another. It all comes around.

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