Comparing to Others Part 2

I need to keep up with the Jones’s. 

Or, in the case of medical aesthetics, I need to keep up or be different than the injector across the street. 

It is normal to want to increase awareness of what others are doing. And as depicted in Part 1 of Comparing to Others, it is great to get ideas and brainstorm solutions. But it is also so important to not presume that you have to have the same style, products and services as them. 

In the commonly used analogy “the grass is greener on the other side,” there are lessons to be gained in aesthetics. You can admire the greener grass for sure. But if you turn to your own yard and begin to self-criticize or stress, it has not been helpful. 

It reminds me of when I recently sat at my computer to order another batch of yogurt starter. I love making my own yogurt. In case you’ve never made yogurt before it is a fundamental point that you need some bacterial magic goodness to start turning your milk into yogurt. 

In the case of yogurt, you could continue to grow the same strain of yogurt over and over again and never purchase another type. You could also share it for free with your friends and family, and no one would be without a yogurt starter. Perpetual free yogurt starter. And yet, here I was clicking the buy now button for another batch. (If, by the way, you want to try making your own yogurt, have a look Positively Probiotic @positivelyprobiotic to get you started)

Where am I going with this?

In the cosmetic injector world, I have heard nurses ask:

Why I would offer the same medical-grade skincare line as the clinic down the street. 

Why would I provide the same type of fillers at the same price as the clinic across the road? 

Why offer the same laser treatments they can get across town? 

My response to this is that someone will want your service or your product even if they could easily get it elsewhere. Your clients could go to a big box store and get something cheaper. They could take advantage of the Injector across the road who is offering a sale. The client could simply go without, but someone at some point in some way wants what you have. There is always a want and a need (you might not understand it- just like why didn’t I grow my starter again so I wouldn’t buy another batch? That’s another long story). 

Don’t let the fact that someone else offers the same product, the same service, the same price, or the same town stop you from offering your goodness to the world. There are countless reasons why Medical Directors, Injectors, Clients and Business alliances clients, nurses will be drawn to you. You do not need to understand why. Just be ready to embrace it.  

You do You. 


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