Coping With Stress in Aesthetics – Part 3

In Blog 1, we explored the basics of stress.

In Blog 2, we explored and acknowledged that stress has some unique patterns in Aesthetics.

So what do we do about it? 

How do we shift the patterns to manage stress better?

I hate to say it, but the truth is: 

Stressors are not going away. They are part of life. 

Especially in Aesthetics.

This innovative, ever-changing industry is growing, thriving,, and will challenge us for the long haul. Medical Aesthetics brings on stressors, that leads to stress.

Imagine this scenario…

Two nurses have the same stressor in their business. 

The differences as to how they cope or manage that stressor are dependent on two variables. 


The support and resources we have go a long way to our ability to manage the stressor. During COVID for example, our financial resources and ability to find support with our team, friends and family despite social isolation varied in terms of how each individual clinic and practitioner managed through the stress of the pandemic. Some of us were supported with medical directors that addressed mental health and provided learning opportunities during the closures. Some of us were provided templates and assistance with how to re-open safely and efficiently. The RESOURCES we have available to us to help us puzzle through our stressor has a lot to say about our ability to consider options, and work through the challenges in healthy and productive ways. 


This is that self-talk voice that we all have that chatters to us during stress about how we will cope, attaches blame, guilt or shame. During COVID for example, some of us did the coined “pivot” to add e-commerce or curbside opportunities to add income. Some of us seized the opportunity to nourish self-care and family time. Some of us took the opportunity to enter training and learning opportunities to grow their business with more potential upon re-opening. Others struggled with an overcoming fear of losing their business, became concerned or angry about if they could make it. How we PERCEIVE we will get through a stressor has a lot to say about our ability to be resilient, and work through the challenges in healthy and productive ways. 

Awareness really is power.

If you are relating to this, and feeling your resources and perception could be stronger, the beautiful thing is that they can be. 

Continually building up our Resources (the people and things that support us) and boosting our Perceoption (what we believe about ourselves regarding getting through the stress) are the magic nuggets that improve the journey through stress. 

Isn’t that what we need tools and strategies for? Stay tuned for specific and practical ways to create a stress first aid kit in Part 4 of Stress in Aesthetics. 

I need help coping with stress

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