Creating Brave Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be a beautiful way to build authentic relationships and have meaningful collaborations based on compassion and generosity. For yourself more than anyone. 

So why are they difficult to create and courageously follow through on? 

Bravery is defined as the quality or state of showing the strength, mentally or morally, to face a challenging or complicated issue. 

Most people would see bravery as an honourable quality, a heroic characteristic. 

And more and more, we are rethinking the way we look at boundaries, seeing them as a necessary and positive way to help one’s self-care, self-love and avoid burnout, whether personally, professionally or running a business.

Brave Boundaries address self-care most authentically but also nurtures our inherent love for others. If you need to gather up the courage to bravely set boundaries to boost your own needs, know this. 

You also nourish the soil of generosity to others. It’s a win-win. Here’s the truth. 

Often, they simply don’t know the boundaries.

Brave boundaries can be established when we assume the best about people. In a health profession such as ours, we care about people. That’s why we are here. People generally do not want to cross your boundaries and cause you resentment or discomfort. 

I learned this with my children. Rules help define the structure to keep children safe. Even when they didn’t like the rule, they understood it was there because I loved them. Setting brave boundaries is an inherently loving act because the life you want your clients and peers want to see you have! They do not want to cause the stress no boundaries can result in. 

How to begin setting Brave Boundaries

In a medical directorship and injector relationship, setting brave boundaries will avoid further toxic or adverse problems in the future, allowing your relationship to flourish. To begin setting boundaries, think about the behaviours that make you frustrated, uncomfortable or weary because you deem them inappropriate or wrong. They may be: 

  • Texting issues at different times of the day or about matters that should be addressed by email
  • Phone calls at inappropriate times, without asking if it is a good time to chat or without warning about the topic you need to prepare for
  • Requests that seem impractical. inconvenient or turn into demands
  • Safety vs doormat (no, I’m not your on-call 24/7 girl feeling)
  • Trust you won’t know it all, and both are feeling free to evolve, learn and share

If you have not established brave boundaries from the onset, it is not too late. The best way to teach and stick to those brave boundaries is to

  • Model for people how to treat you and match your words with your actions (If you don’t want to be texted at 7 am, then don’t answer it unless it is an emergency) 
  • Have gentleness with each other be a core value and mission statement you all buy into. Share your feelings and reach out for support with others you trust. Be open to feedback and positive problem-solving. 
  • Be able to let go and say no. Don’t wait for an exit interview to share your disappointments about crossed boundaries. Good reflective practice means you address problems as they happen. This avoids mounting emotions and can show great self-respect and respect for others when you approach it with a “nip this from the beginning” point of view. 
  • When it just doesn’t fit despite your efforts to establish clear boundaries, you may need to end agreements and business relationships. It’s nothing personal. It is the ultimate demonstration of bravery when it comes to boundaries. 
  • Be willing to learn in the process. A courageous person continually tries to understand more about themselves and their relationships along the way. If you are reading this, you are bravely trying to better your own experiences and grow.  
  • Respecting differences is vital in any relationship. My boundaries may be different than your boundaries. If someone has a different experience than you, it doesn’t invalidate your experience. Respect is the foundation of it all. 

If you need some brave boundaries established, regardless of where you are in your relationships or business growth, it is never too late to begin. 


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