Keeping your Team Safe

As a medical director, there are many roles and responsibilities I have. One is to keep my team and clients safe. And it goes far beyond the mask and sanitizing.

During the challenging times of COVID, one essential role we have is finding straightforward ways to purposefully and intentionally keep every client safe. Beyond that, it is also vital to keep every nurse practitioner team member safe. 

It reminds me a little of being a mother. If I was asked the most important job I have as a mother, I would have to say that it seems essential to keep them safe. 

Above all else. Safety is essential. Keep them safe. 

This is not a new concept.

Our need to keep them safe is why as a parent we buy the gates, secure a car seat, remove the cords, child-proof the house, wear lifejackets near water and all the things. 

We want our kids to have independence and creative opportunities, but we want them to be safe above all else. It is our responsibility and the ultimate demonstration of our love and commitment. 

The pandemic has highlighted more than ever the importance of safety. And while it really can get exhausting to regulate, enforce or address, it is the foundation for moving forward in our aesthetic business. 

Keeping our team members safe does not have to mean redundant rules and procedures taxing our energy. It is our demonstration of love and commitment. And this extends to our clients. When our team is safe, our patients are safer too. 

Here are three ways to keep your team safe, so they are free to be doing what they love.

  1. Be aware of the Pressure There are significant demands right now on health care professionals and business owners. In the cosmetic aesthetic industry, we fall into both of these categories. Creating a safe climate while dealing with pressures to work with less, but work harder, can be daunting. Be aware of the mounting exhaustion, the added expectations and the fear that is evident everywhere that causes worry or anxiety. If you are feeling pressured, it is trickling down to your team and clients as well.
  2. Tighten up the Protocols Never have clear and available policies and procedures for clients been more critical. The same applies to your team. If you want to go near the water, you must wear a lifejacket, we would say to our child. We must enforce and regulate clear protocols, so our team is not confused or questioning anything in your practice. Confusion is the worst emotion. Be sure your team knows the rules and guidelines.
  3. Make it Personal Relationships matter more than ever. Your team members have a personal story that is more than their contribution to your clients and practice. Financial worries, family disruption and overall wellness have been challenging for the pandemic since the beginning. Be intentional create a culture where all team members feel safe and a sense of belonging that nourishes their mind with ongoing learning and creates opportunities for social and leisure activities to address their self-care needs.

There will always be challenging times, but safety for your team goes far beyond the rules. Let your team know through your actions that you are implementing processes for safety out of love to safely allow them to proceed to risk, create, engage and express. 

Just like a mom. 

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What are you doing to Keep your team safe?

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