“Botox” Injection Is A Commonly Used Cosmetic Procedure To Temporarily Relax Facial Muscles To Help Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles. The Word “Botox” Is A Term Used To Describe A Host Of Neuromodulators Approved By Health Canada For The Treatment Of Wrinkles.

Neuromodulators Are Derived From Naturally Occurring Microorganisms Which Cause Muscle Relaxation. “Botox” Can Be Used In Small Doses Of Cosmetic And Therapeutic Procedures And Is Considered Safe And Well-Tolerated. I Use A Variety Of Neuromodulators Including Xeomin, Botox, Dysport And Nuceiva. He Procedure Involves The Injection Of Botox Using A Fine Needle Directly Under The Area Of Skin With Fine Lines/Wrinkles. For Best Results, All Neurotoxins Should Be Administered By Experienced Healthcare Professionals As Its Application Is As Much An Art, As It Is A Medical Procedure. There Is Minimal Discomfort In This Procedure!

We Ensure You Are Fully Informed Of Potential Discomfort And Will Be Supportive And Proactive In Managing Any Pain Or Discomfort You May Experience. Our Experienced Cosmetic Injection Experts Will Help You Achieve A More Youthful And Natural Look. Since Wrinkles Are Caused By Habitual Facial Expressions, Early Application Of Neuromodulators Can Work To Prevent The Worsening Of Existing Wrinkles And The Development Of New Ones.

Inject The Injector

Inject The Injector Is A Dynamic Program That Is Intended To Help Nurses And Practicing Cosmetic Providers A Safe Place To Connect, Practice, Learn And Receive Their Own Cosmetic Injections.

Teaching, Training & Coaching

I Have Been Involved In Teaching Botox, Fillers And Other Cosmetic Therapies From Beginner To Advanced Training In Medical Centres For Groups, Private Or Semi-Private Lessons For Over 6 Years.