Reflecting on the Heroic Hearts

The year 2020 has been unforgettable.

Recognizing the pivotal role of health care workers during the pandemic has moved me in a surreal way, quite proud and humbled to be part of the medical community. 

With so many first-hand stories of incredible experiences this past year, I have wanted to stop and pause, reflecting on them carefully. There are countless examples of heroes who have gone beyond the call of duty to help their community this year. 

Millions of people have faced the challenges of providing essential services and health care to patients of COVID-19. If not on the front line, they were impacted in a significant way that called for us to take on the responsibility for the safety of patients and clients, friends and family. All of us have been empowered to demonstrate commitment, dedication and professionalism as modelled by the front line workers fighting this battle first hand on our behalf. 

Reflection is a critical part of learning.

And 2020 is deserving of a lot of review.

If there was ever a calling to do the right thing and cooperate in a spirit of community and kindness, it is now. 

So here are my 7 medical aesthetic reflection tips as we finish off this unprecedented year:

  1. Reflect before you accept someone else’s rules, practice recommendations or guidelines. Ask yourself if it will positively serve your clients and others.
  2. Reflect before you accept the idea of competition. It’s not as important as some make it sound. On the contrary, it is usually a myth created in our minds. There is enough love and enough clients for everyone. There is no competition unless you decide it is so.
  3. Reflect before you accept the idea of scarcity or lack. You are uniquely resourceful and there is plenty to have and to create.
  4. Reflect before you accept the idea of insufficiency. You don’t have to offer everything to all people at all times. You are enough as a small scale injector or a large boss babe with a clinic in every town.
  5. Reflect before you reject the help of another who cares about you and wants to see you succeed. You’re never alone, even if you think you are. There are always others ready to reach out a hand to support and help you.
  6. Reflect before you reject feedback- it’s not personal if it is directed toward you from a source you care about and who cares about you. There is a monumental amount of learning from our top supporters. Perhaps they don’t have a degree like you but can heighten your awareness of the transferable things that differentiate your success and relationships.
  7. Reflect before you reject the painful experiences, judgment and criticism. It doesn’t have to be accurate, but there is gold in those life sessions with people you trust. If your heart is open, there are always great things to be learned.

Do you want to be a hero? You can be.

Thinking about the front line heroes of 2020, I am finding the most extraordinary heroic acts are by those who have adopted these tips in reflection and learning. It has not been an easy year, but there are valuable lessons for all of us if we open our minds and hearts to the act of authentic and vulnerable


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