What does being a great BOSS mean?

This year, there is a lot of talk about being a BOSS in the entrepreneurial world, as an acronym of how incredibly fiercely independent, strong and capable we are. 🤔💪

I believe the acronym of BOSS in business means someone who can Scatter Joy and meaning to others. 


Beyond. Own. Self. Service. 

 It has really nothing to do with how awesome you or others think of you. It has a lot to do with what you spread in your leadership and service to others! It is about serving others with intentional acts of scattering joy. 

What does that mean? 

The definition of joy is the emotion evoked by wellbeing, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. 

What do you give? 

What do you scatter? 

What do you provide? 

How are you serving others? 

At this particular time of the year, it is not about all I have accomplished and achieved.


It is taking the feelings of joy we experience to spread to others. Every nurse and client will feel the joy you have spread when you serve them, emphasizing the other’s wellbeing and success. That is the truth about spreading joy. 

I want to scatter joy and meaning to others. That is my most authentic sign of success as I reflect on a tough year. It is not about how I survived it. It is about how I served and scattered joy to others. Starting a new year with that mantra means:

  1. There is unity, not rivalry. Building each other up and supporting one another creates a community that allows everyone to experience celebratory wins.
  2. There is an ethical approach to upselling.Recommendations to support the goal of that same definition of joy is not upselling. It is providing an emotion of wellbeing and helping others achieve their goals.
  3. There is a positive mindset about learning from others. If someone loves your idea and develops it to be their own, be flattered. There is no scarcity of clients or progress to be made. Always be willing to be a teacher, and more importantly, be willing to be a life long learner.

When I spark and scatter joy in others, it comes back to me ten-fold. When I am focused on filling the cup of others, my own overflows. 

Scattering joy and serving others as your primary business mission is the only real way to be a true entrepreneurial boss. And a great pillar as we move into this new year. 

How to be a TRUE BOSSpreneur
How to be a TRUE BOSSpreneur

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