What is Psychological Safety in Aesthetics?

As we have been opening up, pandemic safety is still an ongoing issue and concern. Our clients and colleagues are counting on us all doing our part to stop the spread of COVID19.  We have the processes down pat by now. But, unfortunately, with all the emphasis on safety throughout the course of the pandemic, safety is a trending word that we may be getting weary of.

It can be exhausting. 

And that exhaustion leads to other problems. 

We are a profession loaded with burnout and mental health issues. It is time for a hard look at the psychological safety processes we have in place to manage and prevent that. 

Creating teams that feel safe and believe in caring for themselves and others creates safe workplaces. 

But as we start into the inevitable busyness in this everchanging world of aesthetics, it is vital to consider other forms of safety. Other forms of safety are essential to smooth processes and healthy teams. Psychological safety is the foundation of high-performing teams. It creates a space where people feel secure and safe to speak up, be themselves, and experiment. Based on the work of Gustavo Razzetti, I am inspired to see this concept introduced and integrated into our crazy and perfectly imperfect world that we are so passionate about. We can’t live without it! 

What is Psychological Safety? 

Psychological safety is a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. When we have a culture that experiences this type of safety, the possibilities are endless because the support is endless. People are not afraid of negative consequences like being criticized, ignored, laughed at, or punished.

High-demanding aesthetic businesses need psychological safety. 

High-performing teams need psychological safety. 

When people feel accepted and respected, they bring their best selves to work.

I talk a lot about trust in this business. 

I devoted a whole summer series of blogs and social media to the topic!

Trust is so important! 

Psychological Safety is often confused with trust.

Yet, both are so crucial and interconnected. 

Trust is something established between two people. It’s a mutual feeling. 

However, Psychological Safety is about the whole team – a shared belief that everyone is safe to participate and the norm includes all. Starting with trusting relationships, a team can grow collaborations and communication into a psychologically safe and strong team.

And everyone benefits from that.  

Creating psychologically safe workplaces will help us go the distance in this journey! Stay tuned for the discovery of how to do it in the world of aesthetics! 

Psychological safety is worth discussing! If your team feels psychologically safe, there are many benefits. Find me a group of individuals who experience this, and you will find a team that performs better and gives better service. It’s a win-win.

Let’s focus on helping our teams feel that level of safety! 

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Psychological Safety in Aesthetics is the New Essential High-demanding professions such as aesthetics need psychological safety. High-performing teams need psychological safety.

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